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24 Dec
by Sekuen

Ditch the Form, Embrace the Prompt: The Future of E-commerce Search

Imagine you walk into a store. Instead of filling out a paper order form, you simply tell the salesperson what you're looking for in your own words. Sounds familiar, right? We do this all the time in everyday life, and it's high time e-commerce websites caught up.

For too long, online shopping has been stuck in the dark ages of endless form fields and rigid search filters. In the age of chatbots and conversational AI, why are we still filling out digital versions of paper questionnaires?

Introducing the Prompt Revolution:

Enter the prompt: a natural language query that lets users describe their desires in their own words, just like they would to a friend or salesperson. Forget "Location," "Price Range," and tick-box filters; instead, imagine typing:

"I'm looking for a cozy cabin in the mountains, perfect for a weekend getaway with my friends. Something with a fireplace, hiking trails nearby, and a budget under $200 per night."

This shift from forms to prompts unlocks a world of possibilities for both users and businesses:

  • For users:

    • Effortless searching: No more navigating cumbersome forms. Just describe what you want and let the platform do the work.

    • Hyper-personalized results: Prompts capture nuance and intent, leading to recommendations that truly match your needs and desires.

    • A natural, intuitive experience: Searching feels more like a conversation than a chore.

  • For businesses:

    • Boosted customer satisfaction: Happier users make for loyal customers.

    • Increased conversion rates: Precise recommendations reduce decision fatigue and lead to more purchases.

    • Deeper user insights: Analyze prompts to understand your customers' wants and needs in a whole new way.

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This revolution extends far beyond real estate:

  • Flight booking: Imagine describing your dream vacation instead of choosing dates and destinations.

  • Job search: Tell the platform your career goals and skills, and let it find the perfect fit.

  • Food delivery: Craving Thai food with veggie options and spicy sauce? Just say it!

The prompt is the future of search, and Sekuen is at the forefront. Our platform seamlessly integrates prompt-based search into your e-commerce website, with transparent pricing based only on server costs.

Don't just fill forms, fill dreams. Contact Sekuen today and let your customers tell you what they want.

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