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18 Dec
by Sekuen

Time to write prompts to find properties (Not chatGPT)

Tired of generic search bars and robotic chatbots holding back your online real estate platform?

In today's competitive market, users crave a seamless, intuitive experience that understands their desires and guides them effortlessly towards their dream home. That's where Sekuen's groundbreaking prompt search comes in.

Forget expensive, limited APIs and generic chatbots. Sekuen empowers you to:

  • Turn user curiosity into action: Allow users to express their search criteria in natural language prompts, just like they'd chat with a friend. This fosters engagement and reveals deeper insights into their true needs.

  • Revolutionize search with AI: Go beyond keyword filters and offer personalized recommendations based on individual user profiles and preferences.

  • Unlock global markets: Reach out to international audiences with 15+ supported languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

  • Own your success: Sekuen's solution runs entirely on your servers, no recurrent API fees or reliance on third-party platforms. Invest once, reap the benefits forever.

  • Bespoke & adaptable: Fine-tune Sekuen to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and learn from user feedback to continuously improve.

Stop letting your competitors hog the limelight. Sekuen provides the tools and insights you need to:

  • Boost user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Convert casual browsing into serious leads.

  • Dominate your local and global markets.

Sekuen - The future of real estate search is here. Are you ready to take the lead?

Limited-time offer: Contact us today to claim your free demo and see how Sekuen can transform your online real estate platform.

Don't settle for mediocre. Embrace the power of AI-driven search and watch your business soar.



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