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02 Feb
by Sekuen

What’s the difference between marketing and sales?

Marketing and sales are both crucial parts of a business, but they play distinct roles in the customer journey. Here's a breakdown of their key differences:


  • Focus: Creates awareness, interest, and desire for a product or service among potential customers.

  • Activities: Market research, brand building, content creation, advertising, lead generation, public relations, social media marketing, etc.

  • Goals: Attract, engage, and qualify leads for the sales team.

  • Metrics: Brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, engagement with marketing materials, etc.


  • Focus: Converts leads generated by marketing into paying customers.

  • Activities: Qualifying leads, building relationships with prospects, negotiating deals, closing sales, providing customer service, etc.

  • Goals: Increase sales revenue, achieve sales quotas, close deals, and retain customers.

  • Metrics: Sales pipeline value, conversion rates, average deal size, customer lifetime value, etc.

Analogy: Think of marketing as planting seeds and sales as harvesting crops. Marketing prepares the ground and sows the seeds of interest, while sales nurtures those seeds and helps them grow into paying customers.

Key Differences:

  • Target audience: Marketing targets a broader audience, including potential customers who may not be actively interested in buying yet. Sales focuses on qualified leads who have shown interest and are closer to making a purchase.

  • Activities: Marketing activities are generally more outbound and focused on generating awareness and interest. Sales activities are more inbound and focused on building relationships and closing deals.

  • Metrics: Marketing success is measured by metrics like brand awareness and lead generation, while sales success is measured by metrics like revenue and conversion rates.


While distinct, marketing and sales should work closely together for optimal results. Effective communication and data sharing between the two teams ensure a smooth customer journey from initial awareness to final purchase.

I hope this clarifies the differences between marketing and sales! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.



This summary was written with the help of Bard.

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